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Eliott Norman

Possible Environmental Side Effects of Pills

by Eliott Norman

When it comes to drugs, the primary concerns are effectiveness and tolerability. Environmental protection and sustainability can thus conflict.

Drugs and their effect on the environment

Drugs are important. However, high and sometimes uncritical consumption leads to harmful and often difficult-to-degrade residues getting into the environment. The problem is likely to worsen in the future as drug consumption increases.

Contrary to what might be expected, there are fewer incorrectly disposed of medicines that cause environmental pollution. Rather, a problem is that medicinal substances only remain in the human or animal organism to a small extent. A large part is excreted unchanged or in the form of metabolites. This is even partly intentional.

Drugs with good “persistence”, which means that they last a long time even under adverse circumstances, appear desirable from a therapeutic point of view. The aim is to have active ingredients that are as stable as possible, which are not broken down prematurely in the body, and which reach the site where their effect is desired in an effective form.

Thus, when you buy kamagra (kamagra kaufen), check the ingredients and also how long they will last.


Bottlenecks in sewage treatment plants

Sewage treatment plants can only filter medicines out of the water to a limited extent. Many active substances are water-soluble or are excreted in water-soluble form through metabolism. They escape the usual three-stage cleaning, namely mechanical, biological and chemical cleaning. So far, the systems have not been designed to break down or remove complex drug molecules. Accordingly, the active ingredient residues in the effluent of sewage treatment plants are particularly high. The contaminants also reach agricultural soils directly via sewage sludge and thus potentially also enter the food cycle.

Ecological consequences unclear

In laboratory tests, environmental conditions and exposure can be precisely controlled and a correlation with observed effects can be recorded. Scientists then extrapolate to estimate the risk that substances could pose to animal organisms in the real environment.

Health promotion and prevention

Ultimately, every single patient and consumer can contribute to more protection of the environment and drinking water. For many diseases, there are effective prevention methods such as vaccinations or participation in preventive medical check-ups. If diseases do not develop in the first place or are detected early, the need for drugs, which can sometimes be taken for life, decreases.

Green Diet: Lose Weight With Ecological Diets

by Eliott Norman

Eating more consciously in general can be the first step towards a more sustainable future. With a more conscious diet and a more conscious approach to food and the individual ingredients, the pounds will also tumble in the best case. This same principle applies when choosing dietary supplements such as Alpilean. You have to check if the ingredients are safe. Read Alpilean reviews (https://walnutcrossfit.com/alpilean-reviews-from-customers) and discover the health benefits of supplements.

Lose weight: these diets are suitable for a green diet

The ayurvedic diet

Anyone who eats according to the principles of Indian Ayurveda does not follow a classic diet. The special diet not only makes you healthier in the long run but also, in the best case, slimmer. It is therefore also suitable for losing weight in the most balanced way possible.

There is no basic principle in this diet. Instead, Ayurvedic nutrition relies on a principle that is individually designed for people. This diet relies on a plant-based diet that should be prepared as gently as possible and tolerated by the body. Intestinal health should benefit from a wholesome meal. In addition to the spices that are characteristic of Indian cuisine, Ayurveda dishes also feature plant-based ingredients and vegetables.

The gut-friendly diet

A similar approach is taken by an intestinal diet which is intended to balance the microbiome of the digestive organ by largely avoiding meat and animal products. With a harmonious gastrointestinal tract, the diet aims to promote general well-being. Healthy digestion is also related to a good metabolism, which in turn promotes weight loss.

This type of diet relies on a high-fiber diet, lots of vegetables and fruit, and often on fermented foods that are easier to digest.

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The vegetarian diet

Anyone looking for the most environmentally friendly way of eating does not necessarily have to become a vegan. Even with a vegetarian diet, the environmental impact of individual foods is reduced because meat, one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gases, is avoided. The vegetarian diet can be even more effective in terms of environmental pollution if you do without fish and at least limit your consumption of other animal products such as eggs and milk.

To prevent typical deficiencies that vegetarians are often affected by, nutrition experts recommend a combination of plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grain products as well as legumes and vegetable oils.

Environmental Protection: Pharmacies Can Help

by Eliott Norman

Active pharmaceutical ingredients can now be detected across the board in running water, and soil, but also in groundwater and occasionally even in drinking water. According to the Federal Environment Agency, pharmacies can help to counteract the problem. Among other things, the office has developed a concept for a multimedia learning platform and for customer information in pharmacies.

Pharmaceutical staff can provide environmentally relevant advice

The pharmaceutical staff is in direct contact with the customers. Therefore, they have the opportunity to include environmentally relevant aspects of pharmaceuticals in the advice. For example, it is possible to recommend smaller packs in individual cases, to offer herbal alternatives, or to provide information on the correct disposal of unused growth hormone (https://hghlager.com) products.

It is important to provide factual information about drug-related environmental problems in advance so that pharmaceutical staff can integrate environmental aspects into their day-to-day advice. On the one hand, this means that the scientific background and the key facts about the environmental relevance of active pharmaceutical ingredients in water are known. On the other hand, they should be trained in what counseling content is suitable for them and how the counseling of customers on the topic can be integrated into everyday work.

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Pharmacy: a central place for environmentally conscious handling of medicines

In the project “The pharmacy as a central place for the (environmentally) conscious handling of medicines”, concepts for teaching and information offered for the university teaching of prospective pharmacists as well as for further training measures for practicing pharmacists were developed.

A multimedia teaching concept was created as a supporting element, which is to be implemented shortly. The contents of the platform should serve to impart knowledge within further training measures, lecture series, or teaching.

In addition, a concept for the creation of information material was developed to promote the prudent handling of medicines. These can be handed out in the pharmacy to inform and sensitize customers. The main focus was on the proper disposal of medicines that are no longer required. This aspect is considered to be a measure to protect the environment that is easy to communicate and implement.