The Plants  – Once most of us understand that plants play a significant part in our own life not concerning shelter and food but they also have a part in protecting the environment. Individual life is hopeless with no plants. The world is referred to as a planet due to the plants’ existence. Individual and animals both are dependent upon it.

Therefore the benefits people get out of the plants would be your food. This food is in the formed of vegetables, seeds, grains, roots, flowers, tubers, leaves and fruit, and vegetables. The part of the planet is currently confronting the energy crisis. Since these plants are the source of bio-fuel so it is important to grow a growing number of plants. Before we eat those healthy vegetables the process how plants works are very complex, not to mention plants also relies on humans, microorganism, and other elements. Plants also provide habitat for wildlife, Plants are used for building our home.

It is important to grow more and more plants to be able to stop the destruction of the environment.