Humans and the Sea turtles connection – Sea turtles have been living on this planet and they’ve traveled across the world’s oceans. Their body structure is designed that they have survived the extinction. Now, however, human beings have become the greatest threat to this creature’s survival. We’ve destroyed the harmony of nature and environment that sea turtles that have survived extinctions are on the edge of getting extinct.

Green sea turtles are herbivorous in character and contribute to keeping the quality of the seabed and weds. The wellbeing of the seabed will be deteriorated if turtles get burst and seagrass will decline. Because of this, animals will be lost and other animals that live on herbivorous creatures will be affected by this. Eventually, the ecosystem will collapse leading to the destruction of the beings. So tourists wouldn’t come to travel seashores and the economies of the states whose will suffer in the long term.

Sea turtles have importance. They were the sign of delicacy and aristocracy. In Japan and China, the shell has been used as a decorative ornament. They used to create it from scutes of a shell. Early Greeks and Romans processed Sea turtle scutes to create elements like combs and brush. Class people used elements were made by this tortoise.