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Humanity Must Go Back to Old Ways of Living

by Alvina Mathewson

There’s absolutely no time for the humankind to endure and introspect. In this modern age, the sole yardstick to measure things is cash. To make that cash folks work longer, invest more, create more and eat more. Anything moderate or small isn’t approved. Life is worth living only when it’s lived king dimension.

Economists always talk about expansion. They advise on the best way best to formulate proper policies to optimize growth. However, what is expansion? Basically, expansion means increasing the creation of the numerous products and services. More manufacturing leads to more employment and more employment leads to much more buying power and much more buying power contributes to increased consumption and improved intake ultimately contributes to more production and waste, which makes it come complete circle.

Life Expectancy in the Modern Era

As far wellbeing is concerned, the humankind hasn’t been so poor. Our life expectancy has gone up, but the type of life we’re leading has made us into living corpses. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that what we eat is either contaminated or adulterated. Even tender coconut water along with mother’s milk aren’t any exceptions.

The ever-increasing financial inequalities seem to have a significant part to play at the growing social unrest in a variety of areas of the planet.

The Earth and Population Explosion

Our mother earth has enough to meet the requirements of these individuals, but it does not have enough to meet their greed. If we take very good care of it and protect it, we could milk it for quite a while and receive the nutrition it provides us with. It’s quite apparent that the humankind has become greedy and grossly materialistic. In their blind pursuit of materialism, they’re not in a position to understand the impending danger that’s lurking around.

The population explosion is placing plenty of strain on the natural sources. The businesses are yanking the funds indiscriminately to generate longer to satiate the burgeoning need of the wealthy and the middle course. The expanding industrialization is leading to the lion’s share of this pollution that the world is watching.