The Parasite is living inside of us – Parasites are organisms that derive nourishment and protection against other living organisms usually with harm to that host. Parasites function reducing the dominance of opponents that are superior yet allowing species to co-exist. They can cause chronic disease in immature humans and animals and are omnipresent in water and food. Parasites cause a wide assortment of external (skin) and inner (digestive) ailments, migrating to stressed or weakened regions of the body.

Parasites are eliminated from the red blood cells as they pass through the spleen by a process known as ‘pitting’ so a powerful spleen is critical within the immune defense. Worms live within the fecal matter to avoid any detection by the immune system.

They can cluster together blocking the intestines, lymph drainage, bile ducts, and capillaries of the brain as well as other organs resulting in acute issues. Using this method they obstruct the supply of oxygen, blood and nourishment flow. The dangers aren’t simply from the interior perforations that they lead into the gut; we’ve to think about the impacts of the toxic excrement parasites ‘ditch’ in us.