Garbage is bad for our environment – It poses dangers that are dangerous to air we breath and our land water. Dump sites, Landfills overfilling destroying the land. Sewage water (remember this water is full of human waste toxic and non-toxic) poured directly into a river. or perhaps in the sea. Because of this ocean animals are in trouble. Pollution from any form and type of vehicles also danger to our mother planet. We, humans, have a limited time to fix these issue otherwise the quality of air or the air itself we breathe is in trouble.

Garbage is damaging our environment because we humans are currently being ignorant and lazy about climate change and the effects of garbage on the environment. As you can see this problem happens in every corner of the planet. Human waste is a big deal and a threat to mother planet. We living in modern society with advanced technology why not use this knowledge and technology to manage our garbage like for example. Why not develop a water bottled that is edible or after a set of time the plastic will dissolve immediately or something else.

I think we people are less concern about this issue because we focus on the other things which are not important. Some countries have been working to solve this issue but if other countries will not cooperative this effort is useless.