What’s Ecological footprint? – Your ecological footprint is the amount of property that’s necessary to encourage your consumption habits. Or, put another way, how much of the ground resources do you use to support your lifestyle.

The problem has always been important, but with the planet’s population steadily rising and the planet’s resources steadily decreasing, the matter is now becoming a crucial one. If we were to calculate the quantity of property required to support the normal person on the planet, it would be about 4.5 acres in the US alone.

When you see spreadsheets and calculators that quantify environmental footprints, especially, what they’re measuring is how much of the resources of the ground are required to grow food for you, manage the waste procedures out of you, supply the fuels required to support the machinery which you use and so on. The quantity of land must do all this and still have the ability to regenerate itself. Based on estimates made by some of the best environmental scientists, as a whole, the present population of the planet is too big and using a lot of the planet’s resources too fast to let it regenerate itself.

But, the replenishable land isn’t the only resource which is being depleted. Many financial seers have targeted water among the significant growth industries in the not too distant future. People may scoff at global warming, but each year we seem to have more droughts and for a longer time period. Researchers are urgently searching for additional sources of water. Some are experimenting with procedures designed to eliminate the salt from seawater in an attempt to keep up with what’s guaranteed to be an increasing demand.

Right now, it’s even money as to whether we, as a species, have the wisdom and fortitude to do something about the environmental situation we find ourselves in. If nothing or too little is done, sooner or later, the surroundings will reach a tipping point at which, no matter what we do, it won’t be enough. The big decisions will be made by the significant governments throughout the world.